Fixed Fight has been active in the Danish hardcore scene since 2011 (formerly known as Torment), playing the brand of new school and blackened hardcore with a deep powerful growling vocal.

The lyrics of Fixed Fight pertain primarily to criticism pointed at capitalist society and the inherent contradictions found within. They address, amongst other things, the subjugation and alienation of the individual and how opportunities of critical reflection are stifled through droning, second rate mass culture. The band’s first release saw the light of day in 2015 in the form of the EP ”Fear of Missing out”. The EP was critically acclaimed and the band toured intense in Denmark in the wake of its release.

Performing live is essential to Fixed Fight and the band will stop at nothing when it comes to delivering an unparalleled and sonically violent performance. The band has supported hardcore acts such as Pay No Respect, The Hell, Egos At The Door and Darko. In spring 2017 the band played their first Europe tour. In spring 2018 Fixed Fight recorded their debut full-length record. It was produced and engineered by Patrick Fragtrup in Wolf Rider Sound Production, who has also produced bands such as Redwood Hill and Barricade.

The album, “Empty Homes”, was released on Bleeding Music Records in December 2018 worldwide.

Fixed Fight:
Christian Ferdinand Engelhardt: Vocal
Marius Thomsen: Guitar and vocal
Jesper Foghmar: Guitar and vocal
Rasmus Rindom Riise: Drums

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